Great project is coming“OptionRoom”

3 min readJan 29, 2021


OptionRoom is a user governed oracle and forecast protocol built on Polkadot.

  • Option Room allows users to create and participate in event derivatives
    that are pegged to real-world outcomes by governance consensus.
  • The protocol can be easily integrated as an Oaas — user governed Oracle
    as a Service where the protocol governance serves as the request solver
  • We aim to create a strong and diversified community over time,
    thus making the protocol truly community governed and decentralized.


  • Self-sustainable and community based- Protocol fees fuel a buyback mechanism.
  • Built on Polkadot- OptionRoom v2 is planned to be built on Polkadot.
  • User incentives- Rewards protocol and governance participants.
  • Multiple use-cases- OaaS, limitless prediction markets, decentralized polls, dispute resolution, decentralized surveys.
  • Reward buffer pool- Excessive fees generated from the protocol are diverted to a reward buffer pool to be used as protocol rewards reducing inflation.
  • OaaS: User governed Oracle as a servic- ability to serve as an OaaS where oracle requests are solved by governance.
  • User governed forecast market protocol- Allows users to create and participate in event derivatives that are pegged to real-world outcomes by governance consensus.
  • Dual token model- Serving as the utility token of OptionRoom and COURT serving as the governance token of the protocol.
  • Governance staking and authenticity score- Users stake their court for an increasingly higher authenticity score, meaning more voting power. Honest governance participants are rewarded with ROOM while dishonest participants tokens are slashed.
  • LP mining- The governance token COURT can only be obtained by providing liquidity/staking the utility token ROOM

Competitive comparison

Dual Token Model

  • ROOM — is the utility token in the protoco users earn Room by
    participating in protocol governance Oracle request creation fees and
    solution rewards are paid in ROOM. Protoco fees are usea to buyback Room and distribute rewards for people participating in governance.
  • COURT — is the governance token of the protocol, It is minted in
    3 different ways and is staked into governance for voting rights.



  • Q4 2020 - Concept, Phase1 Reseach, Funding Roung
  • Q1 2021- MVP, Token Generation Event, Staking Launch V1
  • Q2 2021- Protocol Launch, Governance Protocol Launch, Audits, Staking Launch V2
  • Q32021- Polkadot integration, Protocol Launch V2