Introducing Manta NetworkThe first privacy-preserving protocol

2 min readJun 10, 2021

What and why “Manta Network”

Manta Network building an interoperable and private protocol for the DeFi stack, with a privacy-preserving decentralized exchange as our first use case. We’re building it as a layer-1 solution, which means that privacy will exist in the core architecture, rather than a feature sitting on top of another blockchain. By using Substrate, we can take advantage of the interoperable ecosystem that Polkadot brings

Blockchain lack privacy ?

Under the current landscape, only when a stable coin that fully supports anonymity and cross-chain interoperability and the relevant DeFi protocol being created can the tremendous value of DeFi be released and deployed, and it is at this point that DeFi will have the chance to overtake the traditional financial industry.

What’s unique about Manta technology

Among the current DeFi products, we are the only decentralized trading platform that uses zk-SNARK for privacy enhancement. zk-SNARK can already be used to support complete end-to-end anonymity — the sender can verify to the prover the legitimacy of the transaction without disclosing the transaction amount, address, or other details. Manta fully preserves user and transaction anonymity.

Manta Network Token

Symbol : $MANTA

Total supply : 1,000,000,000



Official Manta Network